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Meet Jillian...

Registered Midwife & Lactation Consultant

The Milk Maven

Breastfeeding /Chestfeeding problems may be common, but they are not normal.

Painful breastfeeding should not be expected, accepted or ignored.  Time and again parents tell me they knew something wasn't quite right with their baby's feeding, but their worries and pain were dismissed as 'normal'.  But feeding is the entire wold of a newborn, and if it isn't going well this is disruptive to the wellbeing of the baby and the entire family. Sitting down and working through the whole history, observing a feed, measuring a baby's intake, observing a latch, examining a baby's tongue and jaw movements, suck patterns, muscle tone, the parent's body position when nursing - all of these clues tell me what is going on and helps us set a pathway together to pain-free, successful feeding.

My interest in lactation support began over 20 years ago with peer support groups and volunteer work with La Leche League and the National Childbirth Trust.  After seeing so many families struggle with breastfeeding during my Midwifery practice, I developed a special interest in lactation medicine.  To expand my Midwifery skills and scope I became an IBLCE board-certified Lactation Consultant in 2016. Since then I have been dedicated to improving infant feeding support for families by creating lactation 

consultant programs in my community and hospital, serving on breastfeeding committees, and mentoring IBCLC students.


I have a special interest and advanced clinical training in Ankyloglossia (Tongue Tie) management. I am trained in The Thompson Method of breastfeeding and aim to practice Trauma Informed Care. I bring to my practice a strong academic background in the anatomy and physiology of childbearing & Lactation, a passion for evidence-based clinical practice, a clear communication style and deep compassion for your struggles. Together we can work through any challenge and get you back on track to meet your infant feeding goals.  ​


I look forward to meeting with you!

Jillian Simon, RM IBCLC

Healthy, calm and peaceful newborn baby cuddling skin to skin with her mother after breastfeeeding.


As a new mom I was exhausted, sore and unsure my newborn was receiving enough milk.  Jill was my family's saviour!  She came over immediately to show me how to properly latch my baby.  She also educated us on how to know my baby was drinking enough milk. Most importantly, she put our minds at ease regarding the stresses of being new parents.  Having Jill there to answer all our questions meant the world to us.  I highly recommend her.

Yvonne L.  new mom, Delta

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