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There are so many great reasons to give your baby breastmilk but sometimes it can be challenging.  The early days at home with a baby can be filled with both joy and anxiety at the same time.  With little sleep, the recovery from birth and a newborn to care for, it can sometimes feel like too much to bear alone. 

You are not alone...breastfeeding support is available!  No matter what your personal goals for feeding your baby are, I can help you develop skills, strategies and resources to help you meet them.  With the right information, some hands-on help and heaps of encouragement you can transform your worries into confidence!  

You can book online for an appointment time and location that works best for you.  If you have been referred by your care provider and your baby is under 6 wks old, the consultation will be covered by MSP.


 If you do not have a referral or your baby is over 6 weeks old, you may book a privately paid consultation. Some extended health insurance companies will reimburse your consultation fee.

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