Jillian Simon, BC Registered Midwife and IBCLC Lactation Consultant.  Jill is examining a newborn baby in the hospital and smiling at the joy of her role as a Midwife.

The Milk Maven

Jillian Simon, RM IBCLC

My role as a Registered Midwife and IBCLC Lactation Consultant is to help parents develop a deeply connected, nurturing bond with their baby.  I offer non-judgemental support to help families meet their individual goals for infant feeding. I come alongside a family as a compassionate guide to offer information, hands-on assistance and experience as they navigate their parenting journey.

Infant feeding problems I can help you solve

Latch & Positioning

Milk Supply

  • painful latch

  • nipple damage

  • poor milk transfer

  • ergonomic problems (carpal tunnel wrist)

  • clogged milk ducts

  • mastitis

  • baby refusing the breast

  • poor suck

  • breast reduction or augmentation surgery 

  • low milk supply

  • slow newborn weight gain

  • forceful letdown reflex

  • oversupply

  • how to pump & store milk

  • exclusive pumping

  • bottle feeding expressed breast milk

  • induced lactation

Other Concerns

  • Lactation supports for LGBTQ+ families

  • co-lactation, chestfeeding, induced lactation

  • neonatal jaundice

  • tongue & lip tie 

  • cleft palate

  • feeding twins & multiples

  • weaning 

  • delayed feeding due to NICU stay

Newborn Asian baby peering up at his mother as he breastfeeds happily.  He is alert and bonding deeply with his mother.

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